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Anescar do Salgueiro

Author of the successful sambas-enredo “Quilombo dos Palmares,” “Mártires da Independência,” “Água carry out Rio,” and “Xica da Silva” (all written with Noel Rosa de Oliveira) that won best areas for his samba college Salgueiro in the annual Carnaval competition, Anescar carry out Salgueiro was a significant innovator in the genre, influencing all subsequent productions. His was the initial samba-enredo to pay out tribute to heroes from the people (Chica da Silva), rather than the open public figures of the state background. Anescar was an associate from the renowned groupings A Voz perform Morro, Rosa de Ouro, and Operating-system Cinco Crioulos, as well as among the better sambistas ever, like Zé Kéti, Nelson Sargento, Elton Medeiros, Paulinho da Viola, yet others. Among his successes documented with them, “Vou Partir,” “Carnaval Que Passou,” “Meus Dias São de Sol,” and “Bom Conselho” are a few examples. In the ’70s, João Bosco and Aldir Blanc devoted “Siri Recheado É o Cacete” to him. Also called Anescarzinho or Nescarzinho, child of one from the pioneering sambistas from the Salgueiro hill in Rio, Anescar published in 1949 his 1st samba-enredo, “Maravilhas perform Brasil,” for the Unidos perform Salgueiro samba college, who got 5th put in place the annual parade using the song. Within the next 12 months, the school gained sixth place along with his samba-enredo “Mártires da Independência” (with Noel Rosa de Oliveira). In 1953, Anescar was asked to become listed on the Ala dos Compositores (Composers’ Wing) from the Acadêmicos perform Salgueiro samba college. In 1960, his samba-enredo “Quilombo dos Palmares” (with Noel Rosa de Oliveira/Walter Moreira) offered first spot to his college. He also obtained a hit using the samba de terreiro “Água perform Rio (Só Resta Saudade)” (with Noel Rosa de Oliveira). In 1962, he published “Descobrimento perform Brasil” (with Noel Rosa de Oliveira). As well as Fernando Pamplona, Anescar idealized a significant invention in the Carnaval plots: generally the schools handled major occasions in the state background of Brazil. In 1963, Anescar’s samba-enredo “Chica da Silva” (with Noel Rosa de Oliveira) paid tribute, for the very first time, to a person from the people. Anescar participated, in 1965, in the historical musical Rosa de Ouro, where the profession of Clementina de Jesus premiered. The function was documented and released in two LPs, Rosa de Ouro, Vol. I (1965) and Rosa de Ouro, Vol. II (1967). In 1965, Zé Kéti produced A Voz perform Morro with Anescar, Paulinho da Viola, Oscar Bigode, Jair perform Cavaquinho, and Zé Cruz. In 1967, Anescar became a member of Operating-system Cinco Crioulos, with Paulinho da Viola, Nelson Sargento, Jair perform Cavaquinho, and Elton Medeiros; an organization that opened up at a historical display with Clementina de Jesus, Nora Ney, and Ciro Monteiro.

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