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First formed simply because “Dolmen” in 1989 simply by Shaftiel (vocals/electric guitar/bass) and Equitant Ifernain (lead electric guitar, bass), the dark/death metal band Absu comes from the least most likely of extreme metal watering grounds: Dallas, Tx. By 1991, the name transformation to Absu (lent from historic Mesopotamian values) had used impact, two demos, “Immortal Sorcery” and “Come back from the Ancients” had been within the can, and self-employed Gothic Information was showing desire for the self-proclaimed “mythological occult metallic” group. Drummer/vocalist Proscriptor (a.k.a. Russ R. Givens) joined up with shortly after the discharge of the next year’s The Temples of Offal E.P., and his educational lyrics and songwriting started to dominate the music group, you start with 1993’s full-length debut Barathrum. Absu after that authorized with France’s famed Osmose Productions, which released their subsequent attempts, Sunlight of Tiphareth (1995), …And Shineth Unto the Chilly Cometh (E.P., 1995), THE 3RD Surprise of Cythraul (1997), and In the Eye of Iold√°nach (E.P., 1998). Each one of these displayed increasingly sophisticated research of obscure mysticism (Sumerian, Gaelic, you name it!), and, and resulted in tours with famous brands Impaled Nazarene and Enslaved, assisting Absu carve a posture of large respect within dark metallic circles. 2001’s long-awaited Tara centered on Celtic story and obtained sustained acclaim, but was the final to feature longtime member Equitant.

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