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Ton Steine Scherben

Created in 1970, Lot Steine Scherben had been among Germany’s first proper homegrown rock rings (instead of rings covering American and Uk rock songs), and even though they weren’t commercially successful in the standard feeling, the group’s impact in Germany continues to be long-lasting. Having a lineup of vocalist Rio Reiser, guitarist R.P.S. Lanrue, drummer Funky Götzner, bassist Kai Sichtermann, and keyboardist Martin Paul, Lot Steine Scherben (or TSS, because they had become known) released many independent records independently dime, recordings which were regularly highly politics and controversial. With time, Lot Steine Scherben shifted floor just somewhat and explored even more personal territory within their lyrics, however they by no means abandoned sort of renegade position, what in old age will be dubbed “punk.” The very first incarnation of TSS disbanded in 1985, but Reiser’s loss of life in 1996 reunited the making it through members for any farewell concert that same 12 months, and they arrived together once again in 2005 for an effective reunion tour.

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