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The Like Exchange were an average support-level LA band from the psychedelic period, because of their name. Their key claim to popularity is normally their 1967 one “Swallow sunlight,” a good folk-rock-psychedelic melody that’s emblematic of that time period using its trippily positive lyrics, garage-like Mamas & the Papas female-male harmonies, and swirling body organ. The record was anthologized over the Los Angeles part of the Highs within the Mid Sixties series, and in addition over the folk-rock level of the vinyl fabric Nuggets series on Rhino within the ’80s. In addition they managed to released an LP in 1968 that, furthermore to offering “Swallow sunlight,” had a variety of psych-folk-pop crossover attempts; “Swallow sunlight,” incidentally, is really a cover of music from the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, “Dark you Right now,” with some different lyrics. The Like Exchange grew from some teenage browse and garage rings within the LA suburb of Westchester. It had been teenage vocalist Bonnie Blunt who was simply the group’s most powerful asset, providing them with the proficient vocals within the soaring, folky Mamas & the Papas/early Jefferson Aircraft style. (As a fascinating trivial note, the very first female singer within the Like Exchange was Laura Hale, girl of acting professional Alan Hale, popular because the skipper on Gilligan’s Isle.) They weren’t achieved authors, though, and on the sole album, a lot of the materials was penned by maker Larry Goldberg. They were garage-psych-folk-rock attempts making use of their utopian, rose-colored lyrics and organ-modal-guitar mixtures, like a small little league Peanut Butter Conspiracy. The aura of psychsploitation was improved when Goldberg got a number of the LP’s support monitors and added vocals by non-group associates to make a Christian rock and roll album credited towards the Crusaders. A number of the album’s music were also applied to a soundtrack record for the musical entitled How Today, Dow Jones, acknowledged there to the ground Investors. And, finally, the music did turn out in their primary form with an LP in fact billed being a Like Exchange record, since it must have been all along. non-e of the helped the Appreciate Exchange gain very much reliability, although they performed often in LA with some festivals. Commensurate with their general insufficient consistent product packaging, their name was transformed to Charity in the past due ’60s for an recording on Uni, although since it finished up, organist Walter Flannery was the only real member who performed on that LP. These were still carrying out as the Like Exchange live at that time, but split up after showing up in the Newport ’69 Pop Festival in Southern California.

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Music Songs Swallow the Sun, Meadow Memory, Ballad of a Sad Man, Flying High, Saturday Night Flight 505, Two-O-Tango, Mrs. Ansel Griffith, Live a Little, Get out of My Life, Woman, Give up on Love, Step to the Rear, Nothing at All, Boston, Do You Want My Love
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