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An electronics-heavy but performance-oriented group influenced by way of a wide selection of designs (including jazz-funk, prog rock and roll, drum’n’bass, and Madchester), the Egg — centered around brothers Matt and Ned Scott — shaped in Oxford, Britain, in 1994. The group released a few singles on Glass of Tea before linking with Indochina for his or her 1st full-length, 1996’s Albumen. The group continuing release a singles in a relatively steady speed through Travelator, an recording produced by Loss of life in Vegas’ Tim Holmes that premiered in 1998. Though their third recording, Forward, didn’t surface area until 2005, the users remained energetic with a bunch of singles and EPs, part tasks (including Stuff as well as the Oricalc Stage) and perfomances.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Egg
Awards Caldecott Medal
Music Songs Love Don't Let Me Go, Love Don't Let Me Go, Walking Away, Say You Will, Get Some Money to Get Her, Walk on the Snow, The Sun is Flat, Venice Beach, Angel of My Soul, Funky Dubé, Lost at Sea, The Fat Boy Goes to the Cinema, Bunmela, Mississipi Slide, Psyfunk, Bend, She's Terrific, Something To Do, The Earth is Round, Seven Is A Jolly Good Time, Warm Flan, While Growing My Hair, Hey Billy, Trails and Tribulations, Fugue in D Minor, Electric City, I Will Be Absorbed, Port Meadow, Jam Tomorrow, Symphony No. 2, They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano, Deep Sea
Albums Albumen, /Forwards, Something To Do, Egg, Travelator, Don't Postpone Joy, Horizons, Overly Easy, In March The Beers, Get Some Mixes Together, Ortega Scanner

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