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Joel Larson

Joel Larson is a drummer who produced a successful leap from a higher school music group in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA to 15 many years of program work in LA, and involvement on some popular (and fondly remembered) recordings over the ’60s and ’70s. Created in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA …

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Emitt Rhodes

An iconic cult amount in American pop music, Emitt Rhodes had a brief career being a saving musician, but his single debut was an excellent workout in Beatles-styled pop/rock and roll that would impact generations of performers for the pop underground. Created in Decatur, Illinois on Feb 25, 1950, Rhodes …

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The Merry-Go-Round

The Merry-Go-Round were formed in LA during the summer time of 1966 when Palace Safeguard drummer Emitt Rhodes remaining that music group and began rehearsing within the Rhodes family garage along with his high-school friend Gary Kato. Following a few weeks with close friends Mike Grain and Doug Harwood on …

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Bill Rinehart

Guitarist/bassist/manufacturer Bill Rinehart is really a body who appears to inhabit the backdrop of a whole lot of background of LA bands from the mid- to later ’60s — he vegetation up across and next to the tales of Emitt Rhodes, the Leaves, the Byrds, et al, in a whole …

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