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Rainer Wiens

Although active simply because a professional guitarist because the end from the 1970s, Canadian Rainer Wiens has continuously been falling through the splits from the recording industry, leaving hardly any trace of his work in support of since he moved to Montreal in the middle-’90s. Aside from several free improv information and involvement on tasks by members from the collective Ambiances Magnétiques, Wiens’ music continues to be linked to the stage (dance, movie theater, new opera) and therefore largely continues to be undocumented. Wiens examined electric guitar with John Becker, Allan Torak, and Tony Bradan. He also examined improvisation and jazz tranquility with NY pianist and observed educator Barry Harris. This personal instruction ready him for each feasible function in the jazz business and shortly Wiens was functioning the Toronto membership circuit being a sideman for the constellation of regional brands. In 1978, he produced the left-field jazz group Silk Stockings. It toured through the entire 1980s, making performances at several jazz celebrations in Canada, but also in Britain and Hungary. Throughout that period, the guitarist forged himself an individual form of appearance, abstract but with a whole lot of attraction. He makes comprehensive usage of the ready guitar, often getting close to the instrument similar to a Gamelan ensemble than something with six strings. Because the past due ’80s, his concentrate shifted toward a cooperation with performers from other areas. The 1990s noticed him composing small-scale operas with librettist Victoria Ward (Homeless, Down Right here on the planet), rating music for movies by Barbara Sternberg (C’est la Vie, 1997; Wonderful That Vanishes, 1999), and collaborating with dancer Lucie Grégoire. He co-founded (with Jan Komarek) the Sound Picture Theater, where he provided music for most productions. In the middle-’90s, he shifted to Montreal and installed with the music artists of Ambiances Magnétiques. His single album, Bonunca Fantasy Music, self-released in 1995, was found for distribution from the collective’s label. A trio program with longtime companions Malcolm Goldstein and John Heward (Chants Sacrés, 1999) helped provide some focus on his function. He co-founded the group NOMA with trombonist Tom Walsh and by 2002 was leading his personal group Follow Adhere to.

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