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Milk Lines

Dairy Lines (married duo Jeff Clarke and Emily Frances Bitze) play a stripped-down, ramshackle type of garage area folk equally influenced by psychedelic rock and roll and country. Located in Montreal, the duo started playing displays in 2012, and after getting notice from rings such as for example Fucked Up, …

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Nap Eyes

Shaped in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the first 2010s, Nap Eye combine the generating jangle of classic Traveling Nun bands just like the Clean, the arch lyricism from the Only Ones, and a scrappy Velvet Underground-like disregard for audio niceties. Composed of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Nigel Chapman, bassist Josh Salter, drummer Seamus …

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Demon’s Claws

The Demon’s Claws are among the many bands to emerge from Montreal’s thriving garage punk underground, playing a gritty combination of folk-rock, country, and blues that’s won them comparisons towards the Rolling Rocks as well as the Pretty Things, aswell as punk-blues pioneers the Weapon Golf club. (The Demon’s Claws …

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The Weather Station

The Weather Place is the music project of Canadian singer/songwriter and actress Tamara Lindeman. Growing out of Toronto’s lively folk picture, Lindeman debuted her moody, introspective audio using the individually released East EP in 2008. An LP known as The Line adopted in ’09 2009, growing on Lindeman’s earthy, lyrical …

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