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St. John Koukouzeles

St. John Koukouzeles was the maïstor (supreme professional of music) from the Greek Byzantine sacred chant. His provided name was Papadopoulos and he was created in Macedonia, most likely the son of the priest; his mom was Slavic. Orphaned young, Koukouzeles transferred to Constantinople, and his great voice earned him the same as a scholarship for an Imperial college. As the son had problems in pronouncing his personal name, other college students dubbed him “Koukouzeles” (a combined mix of the Greek for coffee beans and cabbage) after requesting him what he previously just had to consume. Koukouzeles grew therefore popular like a vocalist that he was presented with the name angelophonos (tone of voice of the angel) once he became a member of the Byzantine courtroom of Emperor Andronikos II Palaeologos. As time passes, Koukouzeles grew weary with the life span of the Imperial vocalist and ultimately were able to sneak from the Imperial palace with an emissary through the monastery of Support Athos. Koukouzeles would spend the others of his existence the Support Athos as get better at of music to its brethren. Koukouzeles wrought probably the most radical adjustments in Byzantine chant since St. John of Damascus in the 8th century. He completely modified the Byzantine program of notation, keeping only 25 from the older Neumatic icons and ushering in the period of Middle-Byzantine chapel music. His best-known function, Ison, oligon, oxeia, was created like a teaching piece to demonstrate Koukouzeles’ new program of Neumes. Koukouzeles overhauled both main liturgical text messages from the Byzantine rite, the Heirmologion as well as the Sticherarion, and added another, Akolouthai. Koukouzeles also had written treatises on music, and his extant result can be of such size that just a small fraction of his manuscripts are edited, released, or documented. There is absolutely no resolved idea concerning Koukouzeles’ delivery or death schedules; although many resources put the delivery time at “circa 1280,” the traditional record implies that Koukouzeles had been a famous vocalist by 1300, so he was most likely born somewhat previous. A manuscript dated to 1341 identifies Koukouzeles using a Greek phrase meaning either previous or late, recommending he had currently died at that time. Tradition, however, state governments that he resided to an extremely advanced age, therefore scholars persist in putting his time of death afterwards, generally in the number of 1350-1360. His Saint’s Time is normally celebrated in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Oct 14.

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