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Skånska Mord

Birthed in 2006 from your remnants of previous rings Mothercake and Fifty percent Man, Sweden’s Skånska Mord (which translates roughly as “Southern Sweden Homicide” and was extracted from a favorite TV series) go about linking the classic psych and weighty rock and roll sounds from the 1970s towards the stoner rock and roll varieties of the 1990s and beyond, missing the 1980s altogether. Because of this, its users, harmonica-wielding vocalist Jan Bengtsson, guitarists Patrik Berglin and Petter Englund, bassist Patric Carlsson, and drummer Thomas Jönsson, were able to forge a unique mixture of Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Dark Sabbath, Kyuss, Deep Crimson, and Fu Manchu to their 2010 debut recording, THE FINAL Supper.

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