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Shades of Joy

The mysterious Tones of Joy recorded the wholly instrumental album The Music of El Topo in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, the LP finding release in the Douglas label in 1970. Co-produced by Alan Douglas (well-known for his questionable posthumous focus on some Jimi Hendrix materials), it’s an unusual but listenable mixture of early jazz-rock fusion, psychedelia, funk, and the type of meditatively somber and quite music you may be prepared to hear in the soundtrack to an interval drama. And actually a lot of the compositions are acknowledged to film movie director Alejandro Jodorowsky, who was simply in charge of the early-’70s cult film Un Topo. Fifteen music artists are acknowledged with playing in the album, probably the most observed of them getting occasional Grateful Deceased/Jerry Garcia sideman Howard Wales (on electrical keyboards), though there’s also many percussionists, brassmen, and flutists; actually, you can find three mixture flutist/tenor saxophonists by itself. (Jodorowsky himself will not play the music, nevertheless.) Martin Fierro (who performed flute, tenor sax, alto sax, and cowbells, in addition to being acknowledged being a “scratcher”) appears to have been the musician most associated with the task, also carrying out the orchestration and horn preparations. The Music of Un Topo, incidentally, can be an completely different album compared to the Apple-issued Un Topo soundtrack, that Jodorowsky got composing credit for every one of the music.

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