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Sergio Cervetti


Cervetti studied in the Montevideo Country wide Conservatory and later in the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. He started to test in digital music after training from Grov‚ and Krenek. He co-founded the Berlin Dance Outfit in 1970, throughout a period as composer-in-residence in the Berlin Academy of Arts. He came back to the united states to have a placement as teacher at Brooklyn University, NY. He wrote the task for stage Prisons II for the Donaueschingen Event in 1972.

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Music Songs Fall of the Rebel Angels, And the Sphinx, Sands from the East, Doombubbles, Mourning and coronation scene, Flying Skeletons, Lost in Trees, Inez's murder and final love duet, Assassin's dance, Twinkle Winkle, Cousin Bertha, Glasstrombones, Sone que eras joven, Pronto se ira el invierno, Hoy me puse a cantar, The Mouth of Boredom, Love duet, ...from the earth..., Desert Drive, Early Dawn, A las tres de la tarde, Perpetuum Mobile, Wind Devil: I. —, Awake Titania, Fairies in America, Oberon's Puck, In Closed Time, El Río de los Pájaros Pintados, I. La Planicie Del Mono, The Hay Wain: I. Fall of the Rebel Angels, Intergalactic Tango, Computer Cabaletta

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