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Marino Pinto

With an increase of than 300 compositions, Marino Pinto left his tag in Brazilian popular music through hits recorded by lots of the best interpreters of his period. At 11, Pinto had written his first music, “Ilka.” At 13, he became a frequenter from the Rádio Philips. Producing acquaintance along with his idol Sílvio Caldas, who was simply a member from the solid, his later on decision to become a composer was deeply affected by this connection. From 1934 to 1938, he was a journalist and worked well in several papers. In 1938, Pinto became a composer (just a lyricist initially). With music by Ataulfo Alves, he had written “Fale Mal… Mas Fale de Mim,” that was popular in Araci de Almeida’s documenting, still for the reason that yr. In 1939, still with music by Alves, Pinto got “Positivamente Não” and “Continua” documented by DeAlmeida. His partner was Wilson Batista from 1939 to 1942. The duo created many classics like “Deus No Céu E Ela Na Terra,” documented by Carlos Galhardo in 1940; “N-a-o-til, Não” by Newton Teixeira in 1941; “A Morena Que European union Gosto,” by Deo in 1942. Within this same calendar year, he composed with Zé da Zilda “Aos Pés da Cruz,” a huge strike in the Orlando Silva documenting, later also documented by João Gilberto, amongst others. In 1943, Pinto composed “50%” with Sílvio Caldas, documented by Araci de Almeida and Regional Odeon. With Arlindo Marques Júnior he composed “O Samba Não Morre,” documented by Quatro Ases e Um Coringa. In 1945, he constructed “Ele Disse Adeus” with Claudionor Cruz, documented by Araci de Almeida, followed by Luís Americano e Seu Conjunto. He was area of the group that founded SBACEM in 1946. For the reason that calendar year, he composed “European union, Ele e Você” with Luís Bittencourt, documented by Orlando Silva. Pinto began to compose music in 1947, having Herivelto Martins and Mário Rossi as regular companions. With the last mentioned he composed one of is own masterpieces, “Cidade perform Interior,” documented by Araci de Almeida in 1947. With Herivelto he composed “Segredo” and “Cabelos Brancos,” the last mentioned recorded with the Quatro Ases e Um Coringa. The strike from the carnival of 1949, “Jacarepaguá,” was created with Paquito and Romeu Gentil. In 1950, he constructed the bolero “Que Será?” (lyrics by Mário Rossi), a nationwide strike in Dalva de Oliveira’s saving. In the same calendar year, the Vocalistas Tropicais documented another of his compositions, “Diamante Negro” (lyrics by David Nasser). His melody “Rei perform Circo” (with José Roy and Mário Rossi) released Obtainúlio Vargas’ candidacy towards the presidency from the republic. After Vargas’ election, Francisco Alves acquired popular in the carnival of 1951 with “O Retrato perform Velho” (Marino Pinto/Haroldo Lobo). Pinto was after that invited with the previous dictator for the features of censor in the nationwide range. In the same calendar year, Pinto also acquired achievement with “Se o Tempo Entendesse de Amor,” documented by Lúcio Alves. On August 23, 1954, the eve of Vargas’ suicide, Pinto was in the Palácio perform Catete. He was there at the moment from the suicide and was among the first to attain the room following the shot. In 1958, Pinto had written another of his masterpieces, “Prece” (with Vadico), documented by Helena de Lima. In 1960, Elizeth Cardoso documented an LP with many partners focused on Pinto’s compositions, Magnífica. His last structure can be from 1965, the valse “Minha Cidade” (with Mário Rossi).

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