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SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA DJ Romanowski considers sneaking into his mother’s liquor cupboard and record collection his introduction to the DJ way of life. Booze and Beatles albums offered way to aged college rap and early electronica, a mixture he spun collectively at age 14 in his indigenous Zurich, Switzerland. He relocated to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA in 1992 and quickly hooked up using the Behind the POSTOFFICE collective, several DJs and rappers revolving round the Behind the POSTOFFICE record store. Posting the stage with Meats Defeat Manifesto and Thievery Company, along with DJ Darkness and Cut Chemist, in the famous first Brainfreeze overall performance was a spotlight of Romanowski’s early profession. His debut, Steady Rocking on Long term Primitive Sound, shown the DJ’s like of Jamaica’s rocksteady music filtered through playful consumer electronics. Besides his musical result, Romanowski can be an artist from the Curators collective and has already established his work demonstrated in Hong Kong, Tokyo, LA, and Seattle’s edgier galleries.

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