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Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks

With twanging guitars, Hawaiian tops, and song titles like “Chop Suey Rock” and “Thrilla in Manila,” Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks certainly are a formidable orgy in kitsch. Their primary influence is normally browse music in the design of Dick Dale and Wray Hyperlink, however the fiery stage efficiency holds more in keeping with Rev Horton Temperature and certainly Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Shaped being a trio in 1992, they included drummer Ed Johnson, bassist Thorsell, and entrance body and guitarist Robert Johnson, who got earlier used the garage music group the Bottle-Ups. Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks performed live for the very first time in Stockholm in 1993, so when the film Pulp Fiction premiered in 1994, the revival of browse rock that implemented boosted the eye for the music group significantly. In 1995 they released their debut record, Beavershot – Live at Studion, independently label, Nilroy, and another year noticed the recording Feels Like Hype Aldrin obtaining great evaluations by a few of Sweden’s most important critics. This most likely meant even more gigs the arriving years, but building on kitsch and playing instrumental music efficiently avoided Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks from obtaining a big target audience. After the addition of bassist ?-gren, the music group released Aloha in Havana and continued tour with Bob Hund. The assistance became more durable than that, as well as the year ahead, Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks released several singles on Bob Hund’s label Silence. For creative, or possibly kitschy factors, the 1st three albums experienced all been documented in mono, but Thomas ?-berg and Jonas Jonasson from Bob Hund, who have been to create the coming recording, finally confident the band to create it in stereo system. Fried around the Altar of Great Taste is an excellent explanation of Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks and was also the name of this 4th record, the stereo system one, released in March 2000. The brand new drummer within the recording was Rönnholm as well as the band experienced also recruited key pad player Wigerdal.

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