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A quintet comprising Duncan Maitland (acoustic guitar), Aidan Parse (drums), Dave Browne (vocals), Aonghus Ralston (bass) and Geoff Woods (keyboards), Picture Home were formed in Dublin, Eire, in the past due 80s. They authorized to London Information while the users had been all still teens, but their debut recording was left behind as the label’s desire for them waned. ‘They’re therefore dance-orientated, ’ Browne later on informed the press, ‘that I believe they simply didn’t know very well what regarding us.’ The knowledge was disillusioning, however the group however made a decision to stay collectively, relocating their procedure back to a residence in the hillsides above Dublin. Nevertheless, they made a decision to forego their original design, reverting rather to acoustic musicianship as well as the work of multi-part vocal harmonies. Instead of approach another main label, the group made a decision to launch the results independently self-employed label, Wacca Wacca Information. Given a lift by regular publicity on Dublin radio, the Most likely EP sold plenty of copies to need two following re-pressings. In addition, it alerted the Noticed Doctors towards the lifetime of the group, plus they had been invited to aid them on the 1996 tour. Solid reviews resulted in the Western european label Koch Information providing them a distribution contract for Wacca Wacca. The group’s causing debut record ‘correct’ was Stand out Container, released in 1996, using its items premiered via support slot machine games for Bon Jovi, Big Nation and Runrig. The important response was favourable, the group getting widely praised being a literate, smart acoustic pop group in the custom of Crowded Home.

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