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Nik Pascal Raicevic

This interesting artist was mixed up in ’70s before selling off all his synthesizer gear to Steve Roach, a former racing car driver who became called an electronic music performer in his own right. Frequently credited in a variety of combinations from the brands Nik Raicevic and Nik Pascal, he produced one of is own earliest albums in the Buddah label as merely Head, wanting to profit from the psychedelic medication lifestyle by naming his expanded synthesizer noodlings after unlawful drugs such as for example “Cannabis Sativa” — worthy of a 17-minute record track, believe it or not. Raicevic eventually released five albums by himself Narco label after becoming dumped from Buddah to be too affected by drugs. Not surprisingly judgment as well as the name of his personal imprint, Raicevic was obviously about something much more serious than stoning; his analog synthesizer function has been regarded as before its time, establishing the typical for how many other performers from moments such as for example Berlin would produce. The obscuro label appears to have been developed to match performers such as for example Raicevic, who also evidently used the stage name Flemming, as though things weren’t complicated enough already. non-etheless, he offers one solid mainstream rock and roll credit, playing percussion on Goats Mind Soup from the Rolling Stones.

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