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Mlimani Park Orchestra

Produced in 1978 by 12 musicians beneath the sponsorship of Tanzania Transportation and Taxi cab Drivers’ Association. Primary performers included vocalists Ilassani Bitchuka and Muhiddin Maalim, guitarist Abel Balthazar, and bandleader/guitarist/saxophonist/arranger Michael Enoch, who lately retired from executing due to disease. These musicians have been in Nuta Jazz and helped type Dar International. They gained the nationwide music competition in 1982 and acquired an extended string of strikes over the following couple of years, changing their sponsorship compared to that from the Dar Advancement Company in 1983. In 1985, many associates, including Bitchuka, produced International Orchestre Safari Audio, which stole Mlimani Park’s thunder until Bitchuka made a decision to return a couple of years later.

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