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Boston based songwriter Tag Nicholas was raised in a little town on the brand new Jersey shoreline. He found motivation in Bruce Springsteen, the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, as well as the renowned performance place in Asbury Recreation area, The Rock Pony. As a youngster, he proclaims that he was a free of charge soul and he was raised quickly. He offers taken that independence and transposed it in to the extremely substance of his music. Warm Sands, Nicholas’ debut recording, was made up of songs that have been largely inspired from the ocean and it’s really allure and love. At age seventeen, Tag Nicholas left house to attend university in Pennsylvania and went on to wait law college in upstate NY. He resided in Philadelphia and became an complex a part of it’s music picture. In 1996, Nicholas remaining the East Coastline to go to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. He published many tunes in California, because in California’s beauty he discovered true motivation. It appeared that almost everywhere he looked a fresh motivation lurked. He also feels that this is usually when he actually started to discover and understand himself. He feels that is usually when his music required a drastic change, this is actually the period where his songwriting matured. Shifting back again to the Boston region, Tag Nicholas became a member of the renowned group of Boston vocalist/songwriters. Nicholas was a finalist in the 2000 Sierra Songwriters Celebration. He in addition has been a two period champion in the group of greatest performance, on the NCSA. Furthermore to his amazing songwriting abilities, his exclusive vocal design, and his capability to captivate an viewers makes his live shows so totally motivating. Developing a personal style that includes a concentrate on a tough and road put on quality, lends to the entire natural and exclusive feel to Tag Nicholas. He lists some crucial affects as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, and Chris Smither. He feels these performers were important to him but he will not believe that there is a lot which will listen to in his music that tips of these affects. He thinks that his music is strictly that, his music, with a distinctive and first quality. In 2000, Nicholas released his sophomore recording, Standing THE FOLLOWING, that was a assortment of initial and penetrating tunes. The album runs from the exposing and personal, “Frightened” and “Period That I Proceed,” to the loose and fun tunes, “Ale” and “Offers Anybody Seen My Coating.” He explains the tunes as painting a vibrant clear picture towards the listener. Tag Nicholas, in 2001, continuing to reside in in the Boston region and write materials for another recording, form another music video, and perform in local venues.

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