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Johann Friedrich Agricola

Johann Friedrich Agricola’s joint professions as musician and article writer about music placed him in the centre of north German music lifestyle during the essential generation after Johann Sebastian Bach; his research with Bach and Quantz, and his various other prominent musical associates, also certainly fostered his stellar job. Though Agricola started his time on the School of Leipzig being a laws pupil (1739), he previously already examined music for a few years and he quickly was recognized by J.S. Bach being a music pupil. Carrying on the musical efforts, Agricola transferred to Berlin in 1741 to review with Quantz, and he hardly ever turned back again. By 1751, he was solidly ensconced in Berlin’s musical lifestyle. His initial opera, a completely fashionable Italianate function, was premiered in 1750. Over the merits of the function, he was appointed among the courtroom composers for Frederick the fantastic. He had currently published his 1st two treatises on music (1749 and 1751); by 1754 his musicological pencil was well-known plenty of that Agricola co-wrote the key obituary for J.S. Bach with Bach’s boy, Carl Philip Emmanuel. Agricola was also getting prominent in Berlin vocal circles, marrying among Frederick the Great’s opera performers, carrying out a vocal part in the premiere of Graun’s Der Tod Jesu, and dealing with a number of tone of voice students. (Sadly, his relationship displeased his patron Frederick.) Each component of Agricola’s musical lifestyle continued almost before time of his loss of life. He released three additional prominent theoretical treatises, including a seminal focus on the main topic of melody; he added content and concert testimonials to a central Berlin journal, and a biographical article on Graun. He continuing to compose functions for both key pad and tone of voice, learning to be a founding person in the First Berlin Lied College. Furthermore, upon the loss of life of Graun in 1759, Agricola was called his successor as opera movie director to Frederick the fantastic. Eventually, he constructed over twelve operas, plus large revisions to numerous of them based on the whims of his patron. In 1772, 2 yrs before Agricola’s loss of life, Charles Burney seen his Berlin house, and known as him “the very best body organ participant in Berlin, and the very best singing professional in Germany.”

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