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The name was catchy, even if it appears like someone talking using a mouthful of bubblegum. Rebe & Rabe was the group of Revin “Rebe” Gosdin and Auburn J.C. “Rabe” Perkins, players not Alabama state lines can keep apart. Initially, that was the thing that was keeping them seperated, because they hailed from neighboring counties in eastern Alabama. Guitarist and tenor vocalist Perkins was created on June 17, 1923, in Heflin, component of Cleburne state. Gosdin, a mandolin picker and business lead vocalist, was from Roanoke in Randolph State. He was nearly one year youthful than his musical partner and which started hearing the radio initial is certainly unidentified. Anytime in the ’30s it could have been fairly simple to hear a variety of duet groupings, especially the group of Costs and Earl Bolick, referred to as the Blue Sky Guys with their many supporters. This sort of music was a big impact on Rebe & Rabe, the last mentioned vocalist admitting that he previously actually divided and wept when the Blue Sky Guys’ regular WGST display got cowboy booted off the environment. By 1946, Gosdin and Perkins finished up employed in the same natural cotton mill and ran into one another within a barbershop where performing and choosing among customers was by no means discouraged. That’s where Rebe & Rabe finally noticed each other, after that tried performing a few tunes together. The final outcome was reasonable to anyone who noticed them. Their voices combined wonderfully. The name Rebe & Rabe was handed to the new nation duo trend by Chester Studdard, himself an associate from the performing group Chester & Toby. The next 12 months, Rebe & Rabe visited the big city, Birmingham, and immediately created successful over train station WVOK. The duo continued to be favorite performers upon this train station for the next decade, growing their group on the way. The addition of Charles Franklin on guitar was a distinctly non-bluegrass kind of move, the group was growing in an period when bluegrass was still a fairly fresh genre, with much less many restrictive guidelines. Other users on more regular bluegrass devices included banjoist Hubert Davis and fiddler Curley Fagan. The music group played again and again in many from the same region venues, including senior high school gynasiums and auditoriums where Perkins recalls packaging in the crowds. Occasionally the group would need to perform two extra displays in one evening just to fulfill all the having to pay cusomers. An account is certainly informed that in both 1948 and 1951, our heroes blew from the Grand Ole Opry because these were making additional money in Birmingham, the veracity which is certainly relatively tempered by the actual fact the fact that same may have been stated of the dishwasher — the Opry’s costs for performers had been notoriously cheapskate. Rebe & Rabe’s initial recording sessions had been kept in 1951 for MGM, the guys receiving a useful knee up from non-e apart from Ernest Tubb, whose lengthy career was filled with such commendable gestures toward upcoming atists. In 1952, Rebe & Rabe documented for both Tennessee and Republic brands, continuing to work with pickers Franklin and Fagen, aswell as pianist Del Timber for a flavor of the brand new Nashville nation audio. The group continuing to cut edges for little Alabama brands, with Perkins also performing some single outings. Gosdin’s music “Helen,” 1st documented by Rebe & Rabe, afterwards became a typical from the bluegrass repertoire with recordings by the united states Gentlemen, Crimson Allen, and J.D. Crowe. Various other music in the duo’s discography had been group writing efforts, like the poignant “Mom, Sweet Mom.” The sentimental power of such music wasn’t very much ammunition against the onslaught of rock and roll & move, which delivered many nation acts into concealing in the ’60s. Gosdin relocated to Montgomery and started selling radio marketing. His previous partner continuing to sing, gravitating toward even more gospel music and much less nation and bluegrass. In this era, Perkins wrote many gospel tunes that have been documented, including “I RETURNED Once again.” Rebe & Rabe re-formed in the past due ’60s and in the ’70s started performing at Costs Monroe’s Beanblossom Bluegrass Festival. Gosdin’s loss of life from a coronary attack in 1978 end this pleasant and inspirational regular. Rabe stated his goodbyes to Rebe and started running a services train station, continuing to try out some gospel music along with his family members and over radio WVOK in to the early ’80s.

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