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Jaime Urrutia

Vocalist/guitarist Jaime Urrutia gained reputation as an associate of Ejecutivos Agresivos and frontman in the favorite rock and roll trio Gabinete Caligari, two organizations connected with Spain’s Movida Madrileña countercultural motion. Though the motion also created such popular rings as Derribos Arias and Decima Victima, Urrutia is regarded as probably one of the most enduring and notable innovative musical makes to emerge from Movida Madrileña. In Ejecutivos Agresivos, Urrutia added towards the band’s audio influenced from the dark, brooding English rock via bands just like the Treat, Joy Department, and Bauhaus. And after almost twenty years fronting Gabinete Caligari, Urrutia struck from his very own, his previous bandmates missing the desire to keep writing and executing. After the music group officially divide in Oct of 1999, Urrutia proceeded to go months with out a label or administration for the very first time because the early ’80s. Urrutia contacted DRO, who had been more than pleased to support the proved hitmaker, and agreed upon a agreement in Dec of 2000. He teamed up with experienced Spanish rock manufacturer Esteban Hirschfeld, and — having sifted through containers of repertoire that Urrutia wrote during his times with Gabinete Calignari — the set recorded and attempted mixing designs and noises for Urrutia’s debut single record. After seven weeks in the studio room, the record was comprehensive and released in 2002 beneath the name Patente de Corso, offering the singles “Que Barbaridad” and “Castillos en un Aire.” Urrutia’s second disk, El Muchacho Unéctrico, found its way to 2005, implemented in 2007 by his initial live record, En Joy.

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