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A one-woman band, in the event that you will, Quitzow is multi-instrumentalist Erica Quitzow, and she specializes within an electro-pop audio which includes instrumentation which range from Moog to cello. Mainly a home documenting task for Erica, Quitzow uses — every once in awhile — outside players and close friends to add the required details and flourishes define Quitzow’s exclusive audio. Live shows have already been performed, and also have included lots of the close friends and collaborators who’ve done the recordings with Erica. Quitzow’s debut, the self-titled Quitzow, was documented at Erica’s house in NY and released in 2004, getting many reviews that are positive. In 2008 Erica released her follow-up full-length, Artwork College, in the Young Like label.

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