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Howard Dudune

Howard Dudune, occasionally credited beneath the friendly sounding nickname of Howie Dudune, is among the Bay Area’s most accomplished saxophone players, however, not from the present day, free jazz college that SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA established fact for. Regarded as among the finest educators of reed devices on the western coast aswell, Dudune is a good mainstream guy whose speciality is usually section playing in big rings. This format presents an outstanding chance for him to comparison his light, mischeviously feathery firmness with whatever hard-hitting bluster may be encircling him. He also addresses the clarinet and flute aswell as saxophones, and received a few of his greatest exposure in a big music group created to honor the longtime companionship between trumpet maverick Clark Terry and Terry’s previous Navy friend, the past due tenor saxophonist Pee Wee Claybrook. This is a pet task of Terry’s, as he rightfully experienced Claybrook’s music experienced currently endured a liftime’s well worth of neglect. Actually, the resulting Golf swing Fever music group represented the very first time Claybrook was captured on record after an eternity of earning music. In addition, it turned into an excellent chance for Dudune, since his design on alto flawlessly complimented Claybrook’s gutsy tenor design. When the second option artist passed away in the entire year following a recordings with Terry, the Golf swing Fever ensemble became a lot more decided to maintain both Claybrook’s memory space and the soul of the music group alive. The group, within an improved line-up including Ruth Davies on bass, Tony Johnson on drums, Ray Loeckle on tenor, Jim Putman on acoustic guitar, Bryan Gould on trombone and undoubtedly Dudune on alto and clarinet, brought Terry right into a Bay Region venue for an extremely acclaimed gig and documenting program in the past due 90’s. Continue from the initial concept of spending tribute to Terry’s pal Claybrook, Golf swing Fever is focused on the music from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and is rolling out a big and faithful pursuing. Dudune also gigs in a little music group under the management of Dick Johnson offering the juicy trombonist Brad Hammett, sentimental reedmen Ed Schmalz and pushy piano guy Tom Shove. This group may very well be discovered holding forth for the stage of a variety of extravagant Bay Region restaurants that feature jazz, the music sadly competing using the chatter of eating patrons as well as the extremely unmusical noises of food assistance. So far as Dudune’s teaching capabilities, a former college student contributes the next comment: “Dudune was great like a instructor, usually joking around however at exactly the same time seriously interested in his college students’ learning. He trained clarinet, flute, and saxophone (and was amazing at most of them), and he offered me both traditional and jazz music to understand.”

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