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Father Abraham And The Smurfs

If popular music veers too near being truly a serious subject of academics cultural debate, one only must remember shows like those of the Smurfs in the later 70s. As the punk wars raged around them, Dad Abraham AS WELL AS THE Smurfs installed their chart bet with “The Smurf Tune”, released on Decca Information in-may 1978. Conducted within a semi-duet style, with Dad Abraham leading the set up midget people in call-response chants, shipped within their eminently foolish, high-pitched voices, it offered to introduce the idea of Smurf lifestyle to the country. The Smurfs, also depicted within a toon series, resided in forests and marketed pre-environmental awareness great while concealing from humans. Like the Wombles idea of a couple of years previously, Dad Abraham AS WELL AS THE Smurfs appreciated two additional UK charts strikes, “Dippety Day time” (quantity 13) and “Xmas In Smurfland” (quantity 19). This prompted music business maverick Jonathan Ruler release a his personal cash-in novelty record, “Lick A Smurp For Xmas (All COLLAPSE)”, acknowledged to Dad Abraphart AS WELL AS THE Smurfs. There have been also several albums for the greater masochistic fans to get.

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