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Drain S.T.H.

The all-female hard rock/heavy metal band Drain S.T.H. was shaped in 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden (therefore the S.T.H., put into avoid confusion having a likewise named American music group), and presented vocalist Maria Sjöholm, guitarist Flavia Canel, bassist Anna Kjellberg, and drummer/vocalist Martina Axén. Showing an unabashed worship of Alice in Stores, their self-employed 1996 debut, Horror Wrestling, was dominated by uncompromising grinds of gradual, down-tuned guitars, that have been after that topped with Sjöholm and Axén’s amazingly chilling vocal harmonies. In conjunction with the band’s amazing live shows and supermodel appears, this shortly drew the interest of Mercury Information subsidiary The Enclave, which repackaged and re-released the record worldwide 2 yrs later with yet another three monitors (including a quarter-speed remake of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades”). The a lot more available follow-up, 1999’s Freaks of Character, were able to shed a lot of the band’s extreme Alice in Stores influences of previous and flirted with traces of designed percussion as well as rap, thus forging a far more distinct sonic identification. But despite comprehensive touring both in European countries and America (including an extended jaunt with this year’s Ozzfest) and attaining good radio airplay in support, Drain S.T.H. hardly ever managed to use of the steel underground, probably because these were way too drop-dead beautiful to be studied seriously with the notoriously chauvinistic steel masses. A significant restructuring at Mercury Information later that calendar year spelled the ultimate devastation for Drain S.T.H., who had been fell in early 2000 and eventually decided to contact it per day. Following group’s breakup, vocalist Sjöholm became Mrs. Tony Iommi, incredibly enough, as the staying three members continuing to interact under the brand-new name Superfix (though guitarist Canel continues to be a “silent partner” because of contractual problems).

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