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Originating in the city nicknamed La La Property, DJ Me personally DJ You appropriately grabs production equipment from a catalog of off-beat resources. Comprised of LA performers Ross Harris and Craig Borell, DJ Me DJ You provides produced with the Dirt Brothers, Green Day’s Jerry Fin, and Beck. Using examples extracted from Indian B-movies and previous Italian opera and instructional information, DJ Me DJ You uses their cut-and-paste creative instincts to create music. Apart from DJ Me DJ You, Harris and Borell are media artists and 1 / 2 of Sukia, that is agreed upon to the Dirt Brothers’ label, Ideal, previously referred to as Nickel Handbag. Before entering the planet as DJ Me DJ You, Borell and Harris also caused Sasha Fuentes and Sophistication Monks with the area rock-band Sukia. Sukia offered as an ideal production changeover to DJ Me DJ You, enabling the two to get experience within a studio room beside production group the Dirt Brothers, who’ve created for Beastie Children, Beck, the Moving Rocks, and Marilyn Manson. With Sukia, Craig, and Ross also proved helpful under the Dirt Brother’s label, Ideal, and U.K. label, MoWax. Among Sukia’s off-center character is the name of their initial record, Contacto Espacial Con Un Tercer Sexo (Space CONNECTION WITH the 3rd Sex) that was inspired by way of a Mexican comic reserve in regards to a lesbian vampire and her sidekick Gary Supermacho. Craig and Ross broke from Sukia to execute as DJ Me DJ You and released their initial EP in 1999, known as Simplerockmachine. The EP is normally eight tracks lengthy and takes examples from hip-hop, Indian film ratings, and B-movies which are frequently found through the duo’s hunting journeys to thrift shops. Their debut full-length, Rainbows and Robots, premiered in 2000, once again on Emperor Norton Information. Borell and Harris once again used exactly the same test sources applied to their previous recording, but this time around to a far more intensive depth. Additionally they collaborated with live music artists on drums, sitar, and older keyboards both collect. Besides creating independently, DJ Me DJ You offers created music for performers Takako Minekawa, Grand Royal Record’s Titans, Beth Orton, Beck, and the great Plastic material Machine. As people, Borell and Harris get excited about the LA artwork and music globe. Harris put together the recording THE VERY BEST of Bruce Haack and Sizing 5 for Emperor Norton, and a tribute recording to electronic creating pioneer, Haack, benefiting kids with autism. He also worked well and co-starred within the imaginary film The Recycler on Propaganda Movies. Craig Borell is really a graphic developer and works for the perfect record label.

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