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Merging a 60’s impact from famous brands The Shangra-La’s and Nancy Sinatra with an attitude from the Ramones, The Diaboliks wished to shatter the stereotypes of all-girl rings only being limited by playing cute pop tracks. Making use of their raw, three-chord selling point of tough-girl angst, Dionysus Information packaged this appear on the first album Risk in 1996. The Diaboliks second recording Itching TO USE IT followed 2 yrs later on and Three Hair Burgers & A Chili Puppy to Go premiered in middle-2000.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Diaboliks
Music Songs I Love Johnny Bravo, Never Thought You'd Leave Me, I Can't Sleep at Night, I Made You, I'm Coming for You, Love Anew, Choc Ice, The Frat Shack, One Ugly Child, Till The Morning Light, The Pleasure Girls, I Took My Baby Home, Please don't leave me, I'm the Fortune Teller, Santa's Sack, Nightmare
Albums Three Fur Burgers… & A Chilli Dog To Go!, 54 Nude Honeys Vs Diaboliks – Black Tight Killers

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