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Born in holland, Coen Bais mixes modern and traditional jazz piano on his four single albums: Nice Dreams (1989), Over the Mountains of the Moon (1991), Aries (1993) and Socu (1995).

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Full Name Coen Bais
Music Songs Socu, Pathaia, Eurythpedie, A Touch of Magic, On My Way to You, Concerto Visanto, Tribute to Agnes Martin, In Her Garden, Broken Promise, Zen and the Art of Driving, Where Is Perissa?, Blueblue, Mysticisms, Love & Passion, Blue Age, The Harder I Try, the Faster You Run, Adagio for Sophia, For the Last Living Whale, The Sweetest of Dreams, Buddha of Compassion, Seven Ships, Halfway Home, Labour of Love, The Chant, Syrrahh, Jorik, 05.30 A.M., The Essence of All, Heaven's Pool, Black Turtle ??, Pink Horse ??, White Tiger ??
Albums Touch of Magic, Socu, 7, Feng Shui 2: Different Colours, Feng Shui

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Coen Bais tags