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Bert Savoy

b. Everett McKenzie, 1888, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, d. 26 June 1923, Long Seaside, NY, USA. The life span and career of the performer reads as an outline for the Hollywood film, except that a lot of it is as well improbable. Getting started in the theater being a chorus youngster, he changed his innate effeminacy to great make use of by developing an become a lady impersonator in, of most places, the north frontier cities of Alaska as well as the Yukon. In some way getting away from there alive, Savoy visited NY to synergy with Jay Brennan who acquired a similar action. The brand new outrageous dual act was greatly successful as well as the set became headliners. In the first 20s these were featured in a number of editions of John Murray Anderson’s Greenwich Community Follies. Savoy behaved offstage just how he behaved on, plus some claim that how Savoy strolled in everyday routine was imitated by Mae Western world as the foundation for her exclusive and extremely suggestive hip-rolling stroll. Apparently, Savoy was carrying out his issue while strolling along the seaside when thunder was noticed. ‘Ain’t Miss God reducing up something dreadful?’ he declared, and was promptly struck by lightning.

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