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Beautiful People


Granted permission to make use of any Jimi Hendrix samples they wished, this U.K. sextet released the cool If 60’s Had been 90’s in 1994. The guts of the clothing can be Du Kane and Luke Baldry.

Quick Facts

Music Songs If 60's Was 90's, Rilly Groovy, The Sea... Eventually, I Got The Rhythm, Sleepless Nights #2, Happiness on the Wind, If 60's Were 90's, Comin' to Get You, Get Your Mind Together, You Da One - Karaoke, Fireball - Karaoke, Turn Up The Music - Karaoke, I Like How It Feels - Karaoke, Feel the Heat, We Run The Night - Karaoke, Comin to Get You - Jimi's Magic Sparkler, I Got the Rhythm-Club Mix, Stone Crazy, You Make Me Feel..., Talk That Talk - Instrumental, I Like How It Feels, We Run The Night, Drink, Mr. Know It All - Instrumental, Naked, Survival, Sock It to Me, Triumphant, Drink - Karaoke, Talk That Talk - Karaoke, Float, You Love Me
Albums If 60's Were 90's, Winston & Yoddy, Blues Connections, The Beautiful People

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