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Andy Brown

In the later ’60s, there is an $Andy Brown) playing bass for an organization known as The Alan Bown Established that is at its death throes. This might be the final line-up of the group, indicating that for Bown stuff weren’t as established as they appeared. Bassist Dark brown also do some vocalizing, exactly like another Andy Dark brown on the United kingdom rock picture who documented with acts like the Bliss Band, The Eurhythmics as well as the Hollies. Some listeners possess presumed the Dark brown in the Bown group may be the same guy as the second option Andy Dark brown, but it isn’t. The more popular Dark brown did not actually spring into actions until the middle ’70s, to begin with. The Dark brown that used Bown can be not the Dark brown that documented on bass using the Rutles. And non-e of the people called Andy Dark brown will be the same person as Andy Bown, no regards to Alan Bown. Andy Bown’s name frequently winds through to liner records as Andy Dark brown yet, the consequence of a typesetter that simply had to accomplish something with the excess “r” that was burning up a opening in his fingertips. When a program bassist appearance arises from the first ’70s, it really is once again assumed it should be the Dark brown that performed bass with Bown–($Alan, not really Andy. Regarding the Joyce Everson recording entitled Crazy Woman, a bass credit would go to Andy Dark brown, and a metal acoustic guitar credit to Andrew Dark brown. Those in the understand have suggested that is one the same person, specifically the Dark brown that used Bown. Monitoring all them–or of both Andy Dark brown and Andrew Dark brown, if they’re in fact two different people–may have already been what drove woman Everson crazy.

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