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Al “Purple” Hayes

Confident that his nickname out-cools just about anybody else’s, Al “Crimson” Hayes is certainly going into his second 10 years of collaborations on rap and R&B tasks, easily earning his golden age group position. As would befit a person with a moniker referencing Jimi Hendrix, Hayes provides picked both electric guitar and bass on edges such as Glaciers Cube’s AmeriKKKa’s Many Needed, Juvenile Hell by Mobb Deep, and Nearer Appear by Babyface. Also regular to a genre where traditional axes obtain the brief sheet, Hayes’ name provides come up in lots of various other credits for different aspects of creation, engineering, coding, and mixing. Regardless of the essential influence on final results coming from each one of these disciplines, Hayes was still struggling to chat his customers the Barn Lawn Pimps out of using Seewuthadhappenedwz for an record title.

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