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Was (Not Was)

Was (Not Was) play modern R&B dance music, with lyrics that add the satiric towards the bizarre. The group is normally led by Detroit natives David Weiss (David Was), who has flute and writes those lyrics, and Don Fagenson (Don Was), who has bass and writes music, however the group is normally fronted by performers Harry Bowens and Special Pea Atkinson. Was (Not really Was) first obtained notice for the dance single known as “Steering wheel Me Out” in 1980. Their initial record, Was (Not really Was) (1981), didn’t reach the graphs, but its follow-up, Blessed to Have fun at Tornados (1983), do. Then small was heard in the group for five years. They came back in 1988 using what Up, Pup?, which featured the quantity 16 strike “Spy inside your home of Like” and the quantity seven strike “Walk the Dinosaur.” (During this time period, Don Was acquired turn into a prominent record manufacturer, handling the plank for Bonnie Raitt’s Grammy-winning Nick of your time, among a great many other mainstream pop information.) The 4th Was (Not really Was) record, Are You Okay?, made an appearance in 1990. Are You Okay? wasn’t simply because commercially successful simply because the prior What Up, Pup? Following the album’s launch, Don Was continuing to pursue his creation career, which started to boost tensions between Don and David. In 1993, they parted methods but came back 15 years later on with Boo!, an recording featuring many Was (Not really Was) vets, including Bowens, Atkinson, Wayne Kramer, David McMurray, and Luis Resto.

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