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Viking Crown

Known for performing incredibly natural, deliberately crummy dark metal motivated by famous brands Venom, Hellhammer and Darkthrone, Viking Crown is usually a side-project uniting Necrophagia vocalist Killjoy and 1 Anton Crowley — actually non-e apart from Pantera story Phil Anselmo. Brought collectively by their worship from the above-cited purveyors of primitive, Satan-worshipping dark metallic, the duo first collaborated on 1999’s Unorthodox Actions Of Ritual EP and Innocence From Hell recording, both also offering Anselmo’s then-girlfriend Opal Enthroned (a.k.a. Stephanie Opal) managing keyboards. The trio by no means toured behind, and do little to market these produces, but, after 2 yrs back at the job using their regular “day-jobs,” they reconvened to record 2001’s Banished Rhythmic Hate for the growing season of Mist label.

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