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Barry Goudreau

Barry Goudreau played acoustic guitar on the 1st two stratospherically effective Boston information. As Boston impatiently waited for mastermind Tom Scholz to accomplish the 3rd, Goudreau caused other limbo users on Barry Goudreau in 1980. A good professional rock function, Barry Goudreau yielded the air piece “Dreams.” Goudreau after that …

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Sherriff finally signed with Capitol Information in 1983, 4 years after forming in Toronto. Although band released only 1 recording, a self-titled LP in 1983, their solitary “When I’m along with you” reached number 1 six years after it had been released. Vocalist Freddy Curci, guitarist Steve De Marchi, bassist …

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Rhythm Corps

Produced in 1981, this Detroit group contains vocalist Michael Persh, with Davey Holmbo, Greg Apro, and Richie Lovsin. Their best-known melody was the minimal hit “Common Surface.”

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Frozen Ghost

Both bassist Wolf Hassel and vocalist/guitarist Arnold Lanni were users of Sheriff, the band whose 1983 single “When I’m along with you” hit number 1 in 1989. Lanni and Hassel created Frozen Ghost in 1985 with key pad participant Sammy D. Bartel and drummer John Bouvette; the band’s self-titled debut …

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