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Hailing from the tiny city of Svelvik, located just southwest of Oslo, Norway — an unlikely but tested city to breed of dog and export influential electro performers — Joachim Dyrdahl, otherwise referred to as diskJokke, makes acidity house beats ideal for shifting dancefloors and lays straight down chilled cinematic …

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Prins Thomas

Often connected with occasional collaborator Hans Peter Lindstrøm (aka Lindstrøm), Prins Thomas is really a Norwegian electronic dance music maker and DJ whose so-called space disco style is really a mélange of disco, house, minimal techno, electro, Krautrock, jazz fusion, space rock, and much more. Created Thomas Moen Hermansen and …

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Idjut Boys

Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell, aka Idjut Males, are an British duo whose dub-heavy home songs incorporate their playful love of life. With game titles like “Frogs Arrrse” and Existence: The Shoeing You Deserve, it’s obvious that Tyler and McDonnell keep carefully the pressure and frequently seriousness from the busy …

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