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Giaches de Wert

Apart from Lassus, who was simply not mainly a madrigal composer and whose astonishing versatility warrants separate consideration, Giaches de Wert was the last of the fantastic Franco-Flemish madrigal composers. Wert was created in Antwerp in 1535, but spent the majority of his lifestyle in Italy, initial being a pupil …

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Andrew Blackhall

Andrew Balckhall’s compositional profession seemed to hang up in the total amount with the favour or disfavor from the Scottish ruler. A lot of his functions are created to appease or gain the favour from the courtroom. His functions primarily contain canticles, anthems, secular tunes and a Psalmody. It isn’t …

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Cornelius Freundt

A composer who preserved positions as the Kantor at Bornau, Kantor of St Marien, and instructor at the institution of Zwickau. A lot of the music Freundt constructed were tracks for the cathedral, Xmas music and wedding ceremony songs. His Xmas songs remained an integral part of the staple functions …

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Claude Gervaise

Very little is well known with any certainty approximately the life span of Claude Gervaise, despite his importance in sixteenth century French secular music. It’s stated that he offered being a violist and chamber musician to kings François I and Henri II, but all that’s known with any self-confidence is …

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