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Grey works like a charm using the 36-string Finnish folk zither referred to as the kantele, which she discovered throughout a trip to Britain and studied briefly with Finland’s respectable instructor Ulla Katajavuori. Back america, Grey committed herself to composing music for the kantele and honed her chops executing in coffeehouses. She documented her first record, Ice Bouquets Melting, for Fortuna Information in 1981. (It had been re-released in 1988.) Her finest work, however, can be her rhapsodic followup saving Recurring Dream.

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Full Name Sylvan Grey
Music Songs Recurring Dream, Chimes for Snow Melting, Joy Like A River, Finnish Church Bells, Dream Beneath Winter Rain, D Minor Melody, Wula - The Forest, Rainshadow, Affirmations, The Devil's Suggestion - O You Who Are Illumined, o tu illustrata, Rainpiece, Nu tuong xuat quan - Female Generals Dispatching Their Troops, Empty Moon, Before Morning, Dreamlight
Albums Ice Flowers Melting: Music for Kantele, The Finnish Folk Zither, Recurring Dream, Recurring Dream: Music for the Kantele

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