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The musical traditions of Cape Verde are prolonged through the initial songs from the nine-piece ensemble Simientra. Led by six-stringed electric guitar, harmonica, accordion, and percussion participant, in addition to soprano vocalist and songwriter Mario Lucio Sousa, the group provides added a fresh dimension towards the musical customs of the homeland. While their music reflect on possibly depressing problems, the joviality of the music is noticeable. In a past due-’90s interview, Sousa described, “We have been melancholic nonetheless it is a content melancholy. We sing with this souls but our performing is not unhappy. If it invites you to definitely cry, then this means crying for beauty.” Produced in early 1992, Simientera symbolized Cape Verde on the Expo in Seville several months later. The next year, they made an appearance in the Olympia in Paris because the assisting act for important songstress Cesaria Evora. Their debut recording, Raiz (Main), premiered a few weeks before their attention-garnering efficiency in a concert celebrating the twentieth wedding anniversary of the self-reliance of Green Cabo. People of Simientera consist of lawyers, architects, and doctors. In the past due ’90s, the group founded the Simientera Basis, with a social middle, a music college for children, along with a Compact disc store to market Cape Verdean performers.

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Music Songs Dor Di Amor, Ami Xintadu, Nhâ Codé, Fomi 47, Valsa Azul, Dia C'Tchuva Bem, A Mar, Codjeta, Colá boi, Tchapéu di Padja, Mano Preto, Oxi Nao, So minha, Raíz II, Apili, Barro E Voz, Sprito Lévi, Odju d'agu, Tributo a Santiago, Landu di amor, Nha Riqueza, Tabankamor, Rambóia, Lamento de um emigrante, Cretcheu, Guerra fria, Resposta Di Segredu Cu Mar, Fladu Fa, Tchiga pa mi, Coraçón I, Morna sem titulo, Djuse di Piga
Albums Cabo Verde en serenata, Tr'adictional (De Mario Lucio) [Musica de Cabo Verde], Raíz

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