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Lyrically speaking, Canadian hip-hoppers the Red Ants champion the underdog. Versatile but rigid, frontman MC Modulok combines his overconfidence with paranoia, cynicism, and an abstract intellect to progress the group’s complicated, progressive picture. The Crimson Ants had been founded in 2002 on Toronto’s East Aspect by Modulok and fellow aspiring rapper Predaking, both of whom had been friends since senior high school and previous partners who made the neighborhood hip-hop publication Twisted Linguistiks. Both eventually found meet manufacturer and third Crimson Ants member Vincent Cost, whose machine-grinding, Bomb Squad-influenced beats instantly linked to Modulok and Predaking. Unluckily, after many run-ins with regulations, Predaking arrived in jail in 2004, forcing the various other two to move forward as an MC/manufacturer set. Released in 2005, the today duo’s debut record, Phobos Deimos, discovered a big market with university radio and various other independent channels. In the years soon after they implemented the album’s moderate underground achievement with travels throughout THE UNITED STATES and Europe, and returned using their sophomore LP, Omega Stage, in 2008.

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