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Pi Corp

Cleveland in the mid-70s was a hotbed of underground rock and roll as groups just like the Electric powered Eels and Rocket From your Tombs permit loose their fusillades of proto-punk sound. Pi Corp proceeded to go in an reverse direction, shunting the neighborhood scene to rather embrace Red Floyd, Tangerine Desire, and additional electronic-oriented space rock and roll of that time period. Using their sci-fi psychedelic styles, they can also be regarded as a even more relaxed edition of Chromium. The group started in 1973 with Alan Howarth and Man Bickel once they bought a couple of primitive digital devices and rented a studio room. Over another couple of years, Danny Feffert, Woody Leffel, Rick Fischer, and Brian Risner became an integral part of Pi Corp. Live gigs had been rare plus they hardly ever released an record before they known as it quits in 1976. They could have vanished with out a track if a few of their tapes hadn’t been released 25 years after their demise in the record Shed in the Cosmic Void.

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