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East Sussex DJ and multimedia musician Vicki Bennett has performed and composed beneath the name People Like Us since 1991. Similar to her close friends and periodic collaborators Negativland, Bennett’s functions combine music, dialogue, and discovered sounds from outdated vinyl fabric into expressive, amusing compositions. Her strategy has had many interesting names put on it, including “culture-jamming” and “plunderphonics,” but non-e are as interesting as the function itself. You start with her initial record, 1992’s A different type of Humor A different type of Murder, that was a joint work with Abraxas, Bennett’s functions have combined laughter, menace, and kitsch into experimental however accessible audio collages. Her efforts to worldwide experimental music celebrations and radio displays and collaborations with Negativland, the Plane Black Locks People, and MusikTerrorist are critically acclaimed, as are albums like 1996’s Jumble Substantial and the next year’s Hate People AS IF YOU, that have been co-released from the Soleilmoon and Staalplaat brands. The 1999 remix recording Hate People Like Us presented a lot of Bennett’s collaborators reworking her collages, and her seventh recording, The Thermos Explorer, arrived in 2000. Bennett was occupied throughout that 10 years, liberating two albums in 2002 only. Recyclopaedia Britannica required goal at U.K. tradition, while A Fistful of Knuckles utilized Westerns as its innovative springboard. That 12 months, Bennett recorded WIDELY OPEN Areas, which also included Wobbly’s Jon Leidecker and Matmos’ Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt, within the San Francisco Artwork Institute’s lecture hall. The recording premiered by Tigerbeat6 in 2003, exactly the same 12 months People Like Us started the acclaimed sound artwork radio show Perform or DIY on WFMU. In 2006, Bennett was the 1st artist to get unrestricted usage of the complete BBC Archive. Bennett released Perpetuum Mobile phone, the to begin many collaborations with audio designer/songwriter Ergo Phizmiz, in 2007. Music for the Open fire, another cooperation with Wobbly, was released by Illegal Artwork this year 2010. Welcome Overseas, released in 2011, was influenced by Bennett’s prolonged stay in NY and Baltimore this year 2010 because of the eruption from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, which turn off airspace over European countries for weeks. The Keystone Cut Ups, a Dvd and blu-ray produced in cooperation with Phizmiz, premiered in 2012. Bennett’s mashup-heavy DON’T BELIEVE Best, It’s All Twice made an appearance on the Trimming Hedge label in 2013. 2017 designated the 25th wedding anniversary of Bennett’s 1st recording. To commemorate, the Discrepant label started issuing some PLU vinyl produces, you start with Abridged TOO MUCH. Originally a 2004 digital launch, the recording included pieces documented for John Peel’s present in addition to WFMU.

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