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Mary Osborne

Mary Osborne was a whiz of a power guitarist along with a forthright, madly swinging, inventive participant in whom you can hear her primary music inspiration, Charlie Christian, along with the grace records and laughter of Les Paul. Furthermore, she was among only a small number of ladies in her time who were in a position to create a dent in jazz’s gender hurdle, although she didn’t achieve the reputation that must have already been her credited. Osborne was a flexible musician as a kid, playing the violin within a college orchestra and executing on violin, electric guitar, bass, in addition to singing and dance, within a trio at age group 15. Having noticed Charlie Christian enjoy with Al Trent’s music group in Bismarck, she made a decision to concentrate upon the guitar, which she became among jazz’s first exponents. She toured using a laundry list filled with bands — Pal Rogers, Dick Stabile, Terry Shand, Joe Venuti, and Russ Morgan included in this — and with the encouragement of manufacturer/critic Leonard Feather, she documented with Mary Lou Williams, the Beryl Booker Trio, Coleman Hawkins, Mercer Ellington, Ethel Waters, and Wynonie Harris. She was also highlighted on Jack port Sterling’s daily CBS radio plan from 1952 to 1960. Sometime afterwards, Osborne resolved with her hubby in Bakersfield, CA, where she continuing to try out gigs occasionally. Yet she continued to be a formidable guitarist past due in life; within an appearance with Lionel Hampton on the 1990 Playboy Jazz Celebration, she practically stole the present. She could be noticed to good benefit for the Williams and Booker paths of Bluebird’s THE LADIES: Classic Feminine Jazz Artists Compact disc.

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