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Lucrezia Orsina Vizzana

Lucrezia Orsina Vizzana was a nun in the convent of St. Christina in Bologna. Vizzana most likely joined the convent at age eight and resided there the others of her existence. While there are many printed selections from around 1600 that focus on make use of in Bolognese convents, Vizzana’s 1623 publication Componimenti musicali de motetti concertati a 1 e più voci may be the only one that’s composed with a nun. It includes ten single motets, eight duets, and two extra motets created for three and four voices, respectively. The Componimenti musicali is usually highly unusual however you like and demonstrates knowing of the modern tendencies in Italian music of your day through its Monteverdian usage of chromaticism, wide leaps in the tone of voice parts, and additional features that provide to tell apart this collection from additional very past due Renaissance sacred music. St. Christina was the picture of much inner strife between Bolognese bishops as well as the independent-minded, occasionally openly rebellious nuns who have been residents there. Points found a mind when the chapel laid siege towards the convent in November 1628. Vizzana survived this catastrophe, though not really with very much, as toward the finish of her existence she was announced crazy. The 20 items in the Componimenti musicali will be the just musical functions by Vizzana recognized to exist.

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