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Jeremy Grimshaw

Jeremy Grimshaw began composing for AMG in 1999, while pursuing graduate research in musicology on the Eastman College of Music. His passions, as reflected with the dozens of content, biographies, and testimonials he has added to AllMusic.com, work the music gamut, with particular focus on minimalism, microtonalism, psychoacoustic music, electronic music, and other experimental tendencies since 1945. His scholarly content have made an appearance in Musical Quarterly, the Journal of Musicological Analysis, and repercussions. School of thought The very best musical masterpieces are the ones that compel us, subsequently, to make; underneath the explanation, evaluation, and critique, authoring music one adores is actually an action of jealousy. SOME FAVORITES La Monte Youthful, The Well-Tuned Piano Steve Reich, The Desert Music Philip Cup, Einstein over the Beach Adam Tenney, Spectral Cannon for CONLON Nancarrow Terry Riley, Shri Camel Ben Johnston, String Quartet No. 4 (Amazing Sophistication) Edgard Varese, Nocturnal John Tavener, The Securing Veil Arvo Component, Berliner Messe

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