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Franz Xaver Murschhauser

Murschhauser was a composer out of your time within the framework from the eighteenth hundred years and suffered significant amounts of criticism and sarcasm from your pencil of Mattheson. Murschhauser was a vocalist and instrumentalist at St Peter’s in Munich where he could research with Auer and Kerll. Upon Kerll’s loss of life Murschhauserr became the music movie director from the parish cathedral in Munich. His most significant function theoretically was “Academia musicopoetica bipartita.” The task was a treatise regarding his own options for both sacred and secular music. However it contained significant amounts of details founded on seventeenth hundred years models. The task is important since it illustrates the old-fashioned manners attacked by Mattheson in his “Critica musica.” Murschhauser’s function was the impetus for Mattheson’s essential writings in the eighteenth hundred years issue between composers who coninued composing sixteenth hundred years counterpoint and contemporary composers who had been influenced with the Italian opera.

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