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Thomas Selle

It isn’t certain but indicated from the writings of Selle that he studied with Calvisius in Leipzig. He was definitively affected by the functions of Schein. Selle kept positions at Hiede (Kantor), Wesselburen (rector) and Itzehoe (Kantor). His last placement was as Kantor for Johanneum, in Hamburg so that as …

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Pierre Borjon de Scellery

Borjon was an associate of the France literati who all studied and succeeded in laws. Though as yet not known for his compositions or playing methods he did compose an education manuel for the musette (a musical instrument like a bagpipe).

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Franz Xaver Murschhauser

Murschhauser was a composer out of your time within the framework from the eighteenth hundred years and suffered significant amounts of criticism and sarcasm from your pencil of Mattheson. Murschhauser was a vocalist and instrumentalist at St Peter’s in Munich where he could research with Auer and Kerll. Upon Kerll’s …

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Nicholas Hotman

Although Hotman performed and worked in France he was probably of German origin. He was praised in France and was operating to the courtroom until 1661. Rousseau and Mersenne decided that Hotman and Maugars had been matchless in the artwork of playing the viol. A type of bass viol players, …

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Giovanni Lorenzo Gregori

“Il principiante di musica” was 1 of 2 theoretical functions by Gregori. This is an elementary text message book that noticed five editions. His second theoretical function was entitled “Il canto fermo in practica.” Being a violinist and composer the initial noted placement for Gregori was being a violinist in …

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Giuseppe Maria Jacchini

Giuseppe Maria Jacchini (yah-KEE-nee) was a significant composer in the introduction of music for the cello in the Baroque period. His composition instructor was Giacomo Antonio Perti and his cello instructor Domenico Gabrieli, and it had been stated that Jacchini was his celebrity pupil. On Oct 31, 1689, he became …

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