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Dave Tarras

David Tarras was created in Russia by the end from the 19th hundred years and in his youngsters absorbed the laws and regulations of both Judaism and klezmer clarinet using. Extolled for the next, he was reviled for the very first, and experienced the developing waves of anti-semitism that swept across Eastern European countries on the dawn from the 20th hundred years. Although Tarras appreciated a considerable popularity being a clarinetist, he cannot abide the stresses of Russian lifestyle, and in 1921 he emigrated to America. Coming to Ellis Isle, NY, his baggage was fumigated and his clarinet ruined, but his will to try out music survived. Tarras were able to become one of the better respected klezmer music artists in America, well known for elegant, soaring music using its effective evocation of shtetl lifestyle. But Tarras not merely used traditional ensembles, he also performed for the movie theater, in big rings, as well as for radio commercials.

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