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Crime in Choir


Comprised of previous associates of Hella with the Drive-In, Criminal offense in Choir is really a bizarre mixture of indie math pop and challenging prog rock. Providing very technical, challenging takes on choice rock, the music group documented and released its debut record in 2002. The Hoop implemented two years afterwards.

Quick Facts

Full Name Crime in Choir
Music Songs Pictures In The Dictionary, The Hoop, Night Bandit, A Girl Named Jesus, Worldwide CB, Fleece On Fire, Vene Qua, Trumpery Metier, Strong Beautiful Suspicious Horse, Octopus in the Piano, Come Here, Raider, Land of Sherry Wine and Spanish Horses, The Hollow Crown, Women of Reduction, Where R R Umbrellas, In Search of Plunder, Grande Gallo, Hot Slant, Didomonico, Measure of a Master, High Thin Circus, Complete Upsmanship, The Perfect Cover for This Is Fur, Jealous Dancing Days, Fingers Lightly Bowed, Round Air Copy, Gift Givers, Pedal Nervous Sensation, Cincinatti, Complete Upmanship, Crystal Lake, Broken Before a Frozen God
Albums Trumpery Metier, The Hoop, Gift Givers, Crime In Choir

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